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December 2014- The VSO team has just completed a new music video for Ziglain recording artist, Becki diGregorio. They used innovative shooting and editing techniques to give this "psychedelic video" a real sixties look.

November 2014- We did a five camera shoot for the Langford Zobler Band of Monterey of their performance at the West End Festival in Monterey and just finished editing.

October 2014- The VSO team shot and edited a six minute promotional piece for Ken Arconti's new book.

October 2014- Anastasiya shot an interview with legendary recording engineer, Eddie Kramer, at the AES show in Los Angeles.

September 2014- For the fourth year in a row, Vince has mixed the Crossfit Games series for ESPN.

July 2014- For the second year we provided production assistance, audio and graphics for the production of the TV show of the Wharf to Wharf race.

May 2014- We began shooting interviews for a documentary on the career of songwriter Jim Lee, writer of the sixties hit, "Let's Dance".

December 2013- Mixed audio and built Blu ray and DVD discs for the documentary, "Solstice", which premiered at the Rio Theater.

Sept 2012- Crossfit media brought in Vince to mix the Crossfit Games series for ESPN.

April 2012- Crossfit brought in Vince to integrate all control room equipment for their new studio and then tech direct and edit the Crossfit Regionals Games.

April 2012- Vince produced and edited a video for the Fit Kids Foundation.

April 2012- Vince was tapped to be technical director running the Tricaster 850 for the live to tape Crossfit Open update series.

March 2012- Two Music videos produced by Anastasiya were released. One for Vans Warped Tour performer, Tess Dunn and the other for singer/songwriter Tom faia. videos here

Sept 2011- Vince was Online Post supervisor and audio post mixer for the Crossfit Games which aired on ESPN2.

Sept 2011- A music video featuring American Idol finalist James Durbin and produced by Anastasiya was released on DVD to raise money for Tourettes Syndrome.

August 2011- Word Premiere of "Chains, a Disc Golf Documentary" at PDGA World Championships sold out at over 700 seats. It has screened at several more Disc Golf events to great acclaim as it is prepared for the Festival circuit.

July 2011- Just finished producing a video for Fit Kids Foundation of Palo Alto to show at meeting and fund raising events.

July 2011- Putting the final touches on Conor Kellicutt's new comedy DVD, just in time for his tour of Japan.

December 2010- We've been working on incorporating the amazing canon D5 camera into our workflow and we're very pleased with the results. Click here, to see a sample of a test project we're working on. Its a two camera shoot, with a miniature audio recorder for multi track live audio.

October 2010- After a ten day shoot in NYC by Bill and Stephen, we've begun post production for the My Kind of Town New York DVD for this New York based tour agency.

October 2010- Produced a video shoot at the legendary Purple Onion in San Francisco for comedian Conor Kellicut. Editing and post production will begin shortly.

August 2010- Handled post production for Notes from the Coast for A Good Show Productions of New Jersey.

May 2010- Developed, Wrote and Produced Pilot for Eating out Cheap.

March 2010- Began our sixth year of involvement with FLW Outdoors. This year we will be involved in the production of the Western Series and the College Series.

February 2010- Produced an interview segment featuring world famous sax player, David Sanborn for the show, "Notes from the Coast", for New Jersey based, A Good Show Productions.

October 2009-Audio post production for Bella Shing's short film, Noga and the Love Seminar.

March 2009 - VSO Productions was hired by Avenger Studios to produce and post the "Foosball Master Tour" TV show for the Versus Network. The first event was shot in Las Vegas in March and will begin airing in June 2009. See the Trailer here .

July 2008 - Derek Hastings traveled to Puerto Rico to produce/shoot/edit a feature for NFL Network on Chicago Bears player Alex Brown. The feature was posted at VSO studios, edited by Derek and color corrected and audio mixed by Vince Sanchez.

January 2008 - Varied Directions contracted VSO to do the surround mix on their film, Sputnik Mania, which has been released by History Channel Films. Narration was provided by acclaimed actor, Liev Schrieber. Vince also created end credits in After Effects. See the trailer here

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